Walt's Graduate Students 

My Graduate Students

PhD Students

Nathan Debardeleben - Parallel Programming Environments
Phil Carns - Parallel File Systems
Will Jones - Parallel Job Scheduling

MS Students

Mike Speth - PVFS
Vishal Patil - Coven
Louis Pang - BeoSim

Undergraduate Students

Matt Brunsen
Jeff Dinoto
Bryce Howard

Graduated Students

Rob Ross - PhD 2000, Reactive Scheduling for Parallel I/O Systems, currently at Argonne National Laboratory.
Dan Stanzione - PhD 2000, Problem Solving Environment Infrastructure for High Performance Computing Systems, currently at the National Science Foundation.
Keith Underwood - PhD 2002, An Evaluation of the Integration of Reconfigurable Hardware with the Network Interface in Cluster Computer Systems, currently at Sandia National Laboratory.
Richard Agnew - MS 1994, Tiger-PAW: A Source-Level Instrumented Execution-Driven Simulation Environment
Aric Blumer - MS 1994, The Parallel Virtual File System
Ken Winiecki - MS 1994, A Reconfigurable Multiprocessor Architecture and its Arithmetic Performance
Bo Wang - MS 1994, Implementation of a Deadlock-Free Mesh Routing Chip
Matt Cettei - MS 1997, Parallel File Systems
Brian Boysen - MS 1997, Problem Solving Environments
Kevin Schoonover - Reconfigurable Computing
Fred Stivers - MS 1998, Reconfigurable Computing
Greg Monn - MS 1998, Reconfigurable Computing
Scott McMillan - MS 1998, TCP/IP netwokring in Beowulf Systems
Carel Lewis - MS 2001, Allocation and Scheduling on a Computational Grid, currently at SPAWAR.
Matt Miller - MS 199X.
Harish Ramachandran - MS 2003.
Frank Shorter - MS 2003.
Dale Witchurch - MS 2003.
Chuck Bethea - BS 1999