Walt's Favorite Things 

A Few of My Favorite Things



I play guitar. I have an old Fender Strat and a Martin D-28 Vintage. I also have an old Fender P-bass, a Fender Rhodes, Epiphone LP Custom, Epi accoustic, Peavy amp and an Ampeg VT-22. Finally, vintage Fuzz-Face, VOX wah-wah, and MXR Distortion+ effects.
I am the frontman for a blues band the Hoodoo Hounds. I sing and play guitar.
I like to ride scooters. I have an old Vespa P200E that I restored with some help from my buddy Phil.
I'm into swords. I don't have many, but I do have an Angus Trim Phat Bastard, a nice dagger from Darksword, and a couple of hangers.
Paintball - check out the Clemson University Paintball Club (of which I am the faculty advisor).
Games Workship Games (Necromunda and Warhammer 40K).
I once studied some Tae Kwon Do.
Oh, and I like to read a bit too.


My wife, Becky.
My kids Walter, Marianne, and Leonard.
My sister, Dottie.


Cajun, especially etoufee and jambalya.
Thai, especially the hot stuff!


The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.
My Grandparent's house in Monroe, Louisiana.