ECE 903 Seminar Notes

Here is the link to SC2003 to get the paper txt: SC2003

Suggested Papers:

Improving the Scalability of Parallel Jobs by adding Parallel Awareness to the Operating System Speakers/Presenter: Terry Jones (LLNL), William Tuel (IBM), Larry Brenner (IBM), Jeff Fier (IBM), Patrick Caffrey (IBM), Shawn Dawson (LLNL), Rob Neely (LLNL), Robert Blackmore (IBM), Brian Maskell (AWE), Paul Tomlinson (AWE), Mark Roberts (AWE)

Merrimac: Supercomputing with Streams Speakers/Presenter: William J. Dally (Stanford University), Patrick Hanrahan (Stanford University), Mattan Erez (Stanford University), Timothy J. Knight (Stanford University), Francois Labonte (Stanford University), Jung-Ho Ahn (Stanford University), Nuwan Jayasena (Stanford University), Ujval J. Kapasi (Stanford University), Abhishek Das (Stanford University), Jayanth Gummaraju (Stanford University), Ian Buck (Stanford University)

Early Experience with Scientific Programs on the Cray MTA-2 Speakers/Presenter: Wendell Anderson (Naval Research Laboratory), Preston Briggs (Cray, Inc.), C. Stephen Hellberg (Naval Research Laboratory), Daryl W. Hess (Naval Research Laboratory), Alexei Khokhlov (University of Chicago), Marco Lanzagorta (Scientific and Engineering Solutions), Robert Rosenberg (Naval Research Laboratory)

An Evaluation of a Framework for the Dynamic Load Balancing of Highly Adaptive and Irregular Parallel Applications Speakers/Presenter: Kevin J. Barker (College of William and Mary), Nikos P. Chrisochoides (College of William and Mary)

ParADE: An OpenMP Programming Environment for SMP Cluster Systems Speakers/Presenter: Yang-Suk Kee (Seoul National University), Jin-Soo Kim (KAIST), Soonhoi Ha (Seoul National University)

The Case of the Missing Supercomputer Performance: Achieving Optimal Performance on the 8,192 Processors of ASCI Q Speakers/Presenter: Fabrizio Petrini (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Darren J. Kerbyson (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Scott Pakin (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

A Configurable Network Protocol for Cluster Based Communications using Modular Hardware Primitives on an Intelligent NIC Speakers/Presenter: Ranjesh G. Jaganathan (Clemson University), Keith D. Underwood (Sandia National Laboratories), Ron R. Sass (Clemson University)

Scalable Hardware-Based Multicast Trees Speakers/Presenter: Salvador Coll (Technical University of Valencia), Jose Duato (Technical University of Valencia), Fabrizio Petrini (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Francisco J. Mora (Technical University of Valencia)

Job Superscheduler Architecture and Performance in Computational Grid Environments Speakers/Presenter: Hongzhang Shan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Leonid Oliker (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Rupak Biswas (NASA Ames Research Center)

Performance Comparison of MPI Implementations over InfiniBand, Myrinet and Quadrics Speakers/Presenter: Jiuxing Liu (The Ohio State University), Balasubramanian Chandrasekaran (The Ohio State University), Jiesheng Wu (The Ohio State University), Weihang Jiang (The Ohio State University), Sushmitha Kini (The Ohio State University), Weikuan Yu (The Ohio State University), Darius Buntinas (The Ohio State University), Pete Wyckoff (Ohio Supercomputer Center), D. K. Panda (The Ohio State University)

MPICH-V2: a Fault Tolerant MPI for Volatile Nodes based on Pessimistic Sender Based Message Logging Speakers/Presenter: Aurelien Bouteiller (CNRS-LRI), Franck Cappello (INRIA-LRI), Thomas Herault (CNRS-LRI), Geraud Krawezik (CNRS-LRI), Pierre Lemarinier (CNRS-LRI), Frederic Magniette (CNRS-LRI)

Enabling the Efficient Use of SMP Clusters: The GAMESS/DDI Model Speakers/Presenter: Ryan M. Olson (Iowa State University), Michael W. Schmidt (Iowa State University), Mark S. Gordon (Iowa State University), Alistair P. Rendell (Australian National University)

The Tool Daemon Protocol (TDP) Speakers/Presenter: Barton Miller (University of Wisconsin), Ana CortÚs (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Miquel Senar (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Miron Livny (University of Wisconsin)

Conservative Scheduling: Using Predicted Variance to Improve Scheduling Decisions in Dynamic Environments Speakers/Presenter: Lingyun Yang (Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago), Jennifer M. Schopf (Math&Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory), Ian Foster (Math&Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory)

Handling Heterogeneity in Shared-Disk File Systems Speakers/Presenter: Changxun Wu (Johns Hopkins University), Randal Burns (Johns Hopkins University)