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Mid-Term Date: TBD

TA Info

Name: Brett Farnum
Office: Riggs ???
Phone: 656-????
Office Hours: TBD

ECE 327 Documents

These documents are in various formats. The Postscript (PS) documents can be sent to any postscript printer, such as those in the CNS Sun labs (Riggs 10, for example) or can be viewed online using a postscipt previewer such as ghostview. If your Web browser is configured with ghostscript, you can view the documents by simply clicking on them, and you can choose to print them from within ghostscript. If not, your browser should let you save the file to your local directory, where you can either print of view the file.

If you have any problems with this please contact the CNS help desk.

The MSW97 documents are in MS Word format. These documents can be viewed, edited, and printed by loading them into the proper MS Office program. I am currently using the 97 version of MS Office. Please note that the material in these documents is copyrighted. You may use them as as personal reference, but you may not use them for anything else without my permission.

Other documents are in latex (TEX), VHDL, C, HTML, etc.

ECE 327 Documents

Link to Ullab Page ullab
Spring 2005 Syllabus (PDF)
Project Report Guide (PDF)
Verilog Notes (PDF)
CMOS Notes (PDF)
CAD Notes (PDF)
PLD Notes (PDF)
Verilog Synthesis Tutorial (PDF)
XSA Demo Board Documentation (PDF)
XST Demo Board Documentation (PDF)
XSTools Documentation (PDF)
OLD Synopsys Tutorial (HTML) (PS) (PDF)
OLD Floating Point examples (PS)
OLD Synthesis Tutorial (HTML) (PS) (PDF)

VHDL Examples

File I/O (VHDL)
Dual Port RAM (VHDL)
Shift-add multiplier (VHDL) (PS)
Fifo (VHDL)
Regular Language (VHDL)
Utility to convert floats to hex (C)

Verilog Examples

Shift-Add multiplier - Diagram (PDF)
Shift-Add multiplier (Verilog)


Assignment 1 - The Icarus Verilog Tutorial - Due 1/12/05 - Copy the files on my account in the ullab /users/walt/ece327/tutorial and read the instructions. Run the simulation, print the waveform and hand that in.
Assignment 2 - Simple Circuit Simulation - Due 2/2/05 (PDF)
Assignment 4 - UART - Due 3/18/05 (PDF)
Assignment 6 - Xilinx Synthesis - Due 4/29/05 (PDF)

Solutions - Some solutions will be posted here

Old Tests

Old Test 1 (PDF)
Study Guide 1 and 2 (PDF)