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Contributing to PVFS

We are always looking for help with the Parallel Virtual File System project. If you have any ideas, suggestions, bug reports, bug fixes, or want to help implement a new feature, please let us know. PVFS is available under the GPL license and the source code is readily available. If you are interested in helping out or simply tracking PVFS development process please read on.

We are trying to keep a running list of ideas for PVFS student or contributer projects. You can view this list here.

PVFS Mailing Lists

We provide two mailing lists for PVFS discussion: pvfs-users and pvfs-developers. You can sign up for either or both at the PVFS Mailing List Page. The developers list is the best way to get in touch with us if you wish to contribute to PVFS. If you wish to submit patches or discuss anything related to PVFS development please post your messages there.

Anonymous CVS Access

We manage the source code for all of the PVFS components using CVS. For more information on how to use CVS, please check your local documentation or visit the CVS web site. We provide anonymous read only access to all of the current PVFS code.


Access to the CVS repository is provided for people interested in experimenting with PVFS or developing new features. We do not guarantee that the code in CVS works at all, or that your data is safe using it. We will not provide support to users who are not running a known stable release. You have been warned! We make regular stable releases which can be found in the files area. That is the code that you should choose for every day use.

If you haven't been scared off yet, here are instructions on how to obtain the latest CVS revision from

  • To check out the latest pvfs and pvfs-kernel code:

    cvs -d login

    (use any password)

    cvs -d co pvfs

    cvs -d co pvfs-kernel

    cvs -d logout

  • To update your checked out code to match the latest changes in CVS (this should be done from within one of the directories that you have checked out):

    cvs -d login

    (use any password)

    cvs -d update -P -d

    cvs -d logout

If you plan on doing this frequently you may want to create an alias, script, or a special cvs client configuration to do this without so much typing...

Submitting Patches

If you have a bug fix or new feature for PVFS, we will accept patches against current release versions or the current CVS code base. Please post any such patches on the PVFS Developers List. If you are unsure of how to format your patch, have a look at the man pages for the diff and patch commands for suggestions.


Contact:The PVFS mailing lists.