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Papers authored by the PVFS development team

Avery Ching, Alok Choudhary, Wei-keng Liao, Robert Ross, and William Gropp, "Noncontiguous I/O through PVFS," Proceedings of 2002 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, September, 2002.

Ligon, III, W.B., and Ross, R. B., "Server-Side Scheduling in Cluster Parallel I/O Systems," Calculateurs Parallèles Journal Special Issue on Parallel I/O for Cluster Computing, accepted for publication October, 2001.

Ligon, III, W.B., and Ross, R. B., "PVFS: Parallel Virtual File System," Beowulf Cluster Computing with Linux, Thomas Sterling, editor, pages 391-430, MIT Press, November, 2001.

This book chapter provides an overview of PVFS which includes installation, terminology, and application use examples.

P. H. Carns, W. B. Ligon III, R. B. Ross, and R. Thakur, ``PVFS: A Parallel File System For Linux Clusters'' (postscript, html), Proceedings of the 4th Annual Linux Showcase and Conference, Atlanta, GA, October 2000, pp. 317-327 (Best Paper Award)

This paper details the performance of PVFS on the Chiba City cluster at Argonne National Lab. Performance on both fast ethernet and Myrinet are evaluated for both a simple workload and for the BTIO benchmark. An introduction to the design of PVFS is also included. This is the first paper to read if you want to learn more about PVFS.

R. B. Ross, "Providing Parallel I/O on Linux Clusters" (postscript, pdf, html), Second Annual Linux Storage Management Workshop, Miami, FL, October 2000.

These are slides from a talk given by Rob Ross at the Second Annual Linux Storage Management Workshop. It includes overviews of parallel I/O on Linux, the ROMIO MPI-IO implementation, PVFS, and PVFS kernel VFS support. It also lists areas of future improvement for PVFS.

W. B. Ligon III and R. B. Ross, ``An Overview of the Parallel Virtual File System'' (postscript, html), Proceedings of the 1999 Extreme Linux Workshop, June, 1999.

A short introduction to the system. The EL2000 paper has more material and newer graphs.

M. M. Cettei, W. B. Ligon III, and R. B. Ross, ``Support for Parallel Out of Core Applications on Beowulf Workstations'' (html), Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE Aerospace Conference, March, 1998.

This paper provides a short description of the file system and a more in-depth description of the Multi-Dimensional Block Interface (MDBI), which is used in this paper in order to implement an efficient OOC Gauss-Seidel iterative solver. Performance results are included which show that the OOC solution allows for much larger problem sizes than traditional virtual memory (VM) would allow.

W. B. Ligon III and R. B. Ross, ``Implementation and Performance of a Parallel File System for High Performance Distributed Applications,'' (html), Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing, August, 1996.

This is an early paper discussing file system concepts, an outdated description of the system (including the PVFS daemon, which is no longer used), and preliminary performance results on a cluster of DEC Alpha workstations (which has since grown into the Clemson Dedicated Cluster Parallel Computer).

PVFS related papers authored by other groups

John Enok Vollestad, "A High Performance Cluster File System Using SCI" (Full Thesis and PVFS relevant excerpt), Master's Thesis, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, 2002.

Monica Kashyap, Jenwei Hsieh, Christopher Stanton, and Rizwan Ali, "The Parallel Virtual File System for High-Performance Computing Clusters," Dell Scalable Systems Group article, November, 2002.

Murali Vilayannur, Anand Sivasubramaniam, Mahmut Kandemir, Rajeev Thakur, and Robert Ross, "Discretionary caching for I/O on clusters," under review

Murali Vilayannur, Mahmut Kandemir, Anand Sivasubramaniam, "Kernel-level caching for Optimizing I/O by exploiting inter-application data sharing," Proceedings of 2002 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, September, 2002.

J. Li, W.-K. Liao, A. Choudhary, and V. Taylor, "I/O Analysis and Optimization for an AMR Cosmology Application," Proceedings of 2002 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, September, 2002.

Kumaran Rajaram, "Principal Design Criteria Influencing the Performance of a Portable, High Performance Parallel I/O Implementation" (Mississippi State University Library entry), Master's Thesis, Mississipi State University, May, 2002.

Juan Touriño, Jacobo Barro, Ramón Doallo, and Víctor M. Gulías, "Performance analysis of MPI-I/O primitives on a PC cluster" (ACM Portal), Proceedings of the 2002 ACM symposium on applied computing, 2002.

Apon, A.W.; Wolinski, P.D.; Amerson, G.M. "Sensitivity of cluster file system access to I/O server selection", Cluster Computing and the Grid 2nd IEEE/ACM International Symposium CCGRID2002, 2002 Page(s): 183-192.

Troy Baer "Parallel I/O Experiences on an SGI 750 Cluster" (html), Cray User Group Summit, 2002.

Forrest Hartman, "Scalable I/O on Clusters, Part 1", Linux Magazine, July 2002.

Forrest Hartman, "Scalable I/O on Clusters, Part 2", Linux Magazine, August 2002.

Sharad Garg and Jens Mache, "Performance Evaluation of Parallel File Systems for PC Clusters and ASCI Red" (IEEE Abstract) 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing, October 2001.

J. Mache, J. Bower-Cooley, J. Guchereau, P. Thomas, and M. Wilkinson, "How to achieve 1 GByte/sec I/O throughput with commodity IDE disks" (html), Proceedings of SC2001 - 14th ACM/ IEEE Conference on High-Performance Networking and Computing (refereed poster exhibit), 2001

Nguyen, V.A. and Pierre, S. "Scalability of computer clusters" Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2001.

Seung-Ho Park, Si-Yong Park, Gwang Moon Kim, and Ki Dong Chung, "Design and implementation of the parallel multimedia file system based on message distribution" (ACM Portal), Proceedings of the eighth ACM international conference on Multimedia, 2000.

Ibrahim F. Haddad, ``PVFS: A Parallel Virtual File System for Linux Clusters'' (html, Linux Journal , Volume 2000 , Issue 80 (November 2000).

Hakan Taki and Gil Utard, "MPI-IO on a Parallel File System for Cluster of Workstations" (IEEE Abstract), Proceedings of the 1st IEEE Computer Society International Workshop on Cluster Computing, December 1999.


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