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Downloading PVFS

The latest PVFS sources are available via ftp from the following locations:

  • Primary site: Parallel Architecture Research Laboratory, Clemson University
  • Mirror site: Center for High Performance Computing, University of Utah
  • Mirror site: Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Currently PVFS is released only as GPL'd source code in a compressed UNIX archive (tar file). See the Quick Start page to jump right in to using PVFS or the User Guide for more in-depth information on installation, management, and use of PVFS.

There are two archives which you will want to obtain:

  • pvfs-1.5.x.tgz
  • pvfs-kernel-1.5.x.tgz
Check the FTP site and download the version with the highest value for ``x''; that will be the newest release.

Building PVFS

Building and installing PVFS is covered both on the Quick Start page and the User Guide page.

Both of these documents are also available in postscript or pdf format as well:


Contact:The PVFS mailing lists.