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    The Parallel Architecture Research Laboratory mission is to enable the use of advanced high performance computing (HPC) systems including parallel and distributed systems by science and engineering researchers and professionals that are not in HPC.
    [ PARL Technical Reports and Publications ]

    Photos of PARL / NASA-GSFC booth at Supercomputing 2002
         Tue Jan 7 13:09:04 EST 2003
    • IMAGE The PARL NASA-GSFC booth with, from left to right: Dr. Dan Stanzione, Dale Whitchurch, Nathan DeBardeleben, and Dr. Walt Ligon. Aetherwulf and a cluster loaned from Atipa are visible on the left. Coven heat transfer and n-body demos are running on the monitor.
    • IMAGE The booth with Tim Shelling and Nathan DeBardeleben. A PVFS fault tolerance demo with web cam is running on the left. Aetherwulf and the loaned Atipa cluster are visible as well.
    • IMAGE The booth with Nathan DeBardeleben, Will Jones, Dr. Walt Ligon, and a visitor. The Coven GUI is being demonstrated on the monitor.
    • IMAGE The NASA booth workers. Second row from front, second person from right is Dr. Walt Ligon. To his left is Dr. Ron Sass, followed by Nathan DeBardeleben, Phil Carns, and Tim Shelling. Standing behind Walt is Dr. Dan Stanzione. In the back right is Will Jones and standing behind him is Dale Whitchurch.

    PARL Attends Supercomputing 2002 in Baltimore, MD
         Wed Nov 27 11:11:55 EST 2002
    Walt, Dan, Nathan, Phil, Will, Dale, and Tim from the PARL attended Supercomputing 2002 in Baltimore, Maryland. We manned a portion of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center booth. Demos of Coven and PVFS were given. Posters of our problem solving environment, reconfigurable computing, parallel file system, and metasceduler focus areas were on display.

    PARL 2002 Lab Retreat/Summit
         Thu Aug 22 11:43:33 EST 2002
    On Tuesday, August 20, the PARL group held its first anual PARL Retreat at the Madren Center. PARL is now made up of five faculty members and dozens of students. The retreat was a great opportunity to meet everyone and learn about the various lab projects. We also identified several new areas of collaboration. Presentations were given by Dr. Stanzione, Dr. Ligon, Dr. Sass, Dr. Hoover, Nathan DeBardeleben, and Phil Carns on topics ranging from lab history to specific project summaries. This page gives a summary of the event.

    Coven Paper and Presentation From HPDC 2002 Online
         Wed Jul 31 09:57:22 EDT 2002
    The Coven paper entitled "Coven - a Framework for High Performance Problem Solving Environments" published in and presented at The Eleventh IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-11) is available on the PARL techreports page. The presentation is available there as well. The conference was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Walt Ligon and Nathan DeBardeleben attended the conference and Nathan presented the paper.

    CERSe Paper and Presentation From SDPW 2002 Online
         Mon Mar 4 10:10:26 EST 2002
    The CERSe paper and presentation from the Science Data Processing Workshop 2002 are available on the PARL techreports page.

    Cluster Web Pages
         Mon Mar 4 09:52:47 EST 2002
    Our clusters are all listed on the right hand side. Most now have web sites. The majority of the clusters are developmental machines and testbeds but our Mini-Grid consists of 528 processors spread between four clusters. Aetherwulf was delivered to Code 935 at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center on February 27th. A web page documenting the construction is here. Travelwulf now has a web page as well, here. Webwulf's web page has been brought back online as well here.

    Photo of Some of the PARL Team at Supercomputing 2001
         Tue Feb 12 07:41:04 EST 2002
    Here is a photo of some of the PARL team at Supercomputing 2001. From left to right we see Dr. Dan Stanzione, Carel Lewis, Dr. Walt Ligon, and Keith Underwood. This is what our booth looked like at the conference. Notice the posters of problem solving environments, beowulf system software, and PVFS as well as live demos on those two obscured podiums.

    NASA Booth Photos from Supercomputing 2001
         Tue Feb 12 07:32:32 EST 2002
    Here, here, here, and here are photos of the NASA booth at Supercomputing 2001 in Denver, Colorado. The PARL hosted the Goddard Space Flight Center booth which isn't pictured in any of these photos but basically looks like the others.

    Photo of PARL Members at Supercomputing 2000 Beowulf Bash
         Tue Feb 12 07:23:50 EST 2002
    This is a photo of some of the PARL team from the 2000 Supercomputing Beowulf Bash in Dallas, Texas. From left to right is Nathan DeBardeleben, Keith Underwood, Rob Ross (now Dr. Rob Ross), Phil Carns, and Carel Lewis. This bash was hosted by our friends at Paralogic.

    CERSe Final Paper Submitted to 2002 IEEE Aerospace Conference
         Tue Dec 11 13:56:35 EST 2001
    A paper describing CERSe's functionality was accepted to the 2002 IEEE Aerospace Conference and the final version has been submitted for publication. Nathan will present the paper in Big Sky, Montana in March, 2002. See the technical report page for a copy of the submitted paper.

    New Web Page Design
         Wed Dec 5 10:31:12 EST 2001
    This is the new page design, hope you like it.

    PARL Appears at Supercomputing 2001
         November 10 - 16, 2001
    Many PARL students and faculty demonstrated high performance computing code at Supercomputing 2001 in early November at the Denver Convention Center. PARL appeared as part of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center booth. PVFS, Coven, and CERSe were demonstrated live on travelwulf. Posters described this work as well as Balloc and the Clemson Mini-Grid. A paper on reconfigurable computing was presented as part of the conference by Keith Underwood. A paper as well as part of a tutorial was presented by a former PARL Ph.D. student, Dr. Robert Ross.

    Current Research Projects      
    • The High End Computing I/O Simulator
  • PVFS
    • The Parallel Virtual File System for Beowulf clusters
  • BeoSim
    • A Multi-cluster Computational Grid Simulator for Parallel Job Scheduling Research
  • SNR
    • Sensor Networked Robotics
    • STructured Analysis of the REtina
    Past Research Projects      
    • The Clemson Environment for Computer Aided Application Design
  • Coven
    • A Framework for Component-based Collaborative Software Development
  • CERSe
    • The Component-based Environment for Remote Sensing
  • ROAR
    • Reconfigurable Online Architecture Research
    • Reconfigurable Computing Application Development Environment.
  • ACC
    • Adaptable Computing Cluster